Actors – On Alcardia, actors are viewed as the lowest of the low and the greatest tricksters of them all. As such, the word is viewed as an insult. As a byword, it implies that the person is dishonest or a scoundrel.

Agharval – Meat with a venison flavor mixed with a hint of sweetness.

Airship – Newer inventions on Alcardia, air ships are just like sea-faring vessels, but they’re outfitted for flight instead and are aerodynamic to make the job of those piloting it easier.

Albrith – Sister to Sedra and Rith; revered as the goddess of light because she wielded powerful light magic.

Alcardia – A planet in the universe of Auralai. It is the main backdrop for the Legends of Alcardia series and the first novel of the Annals of Alcardia, Pathway of the Moon.

Aldhel – A sweet, light scented flower that has a scent between lilacs and daffodils.

Aleshtain – Argos’s neighboring kingdom. Aleshtain is viewed by many as barbaric for its bloody customs, sadistic rituals, and poor treatment of women.

Alithweald – One of the continents on Alcardia. The terrain is mostly desert and jungle.

Alrian Haridan – The first female High Imperial Knight, Alrian Haridan served under King Faolrian and was partially responsible for protecting Argos from Aleshtain’s undercover invasion.

Amadeira Thyrdas – A maid from Halbras Keep. She’s Leo’s love interest and becomes central to keeping him tethered as he expands his reach with his powers.

Anne Ryalin – Leo’s mother.

Arabhin – Alternate name in Common for the city of Faeridhia.

Argos – The kingdom where Leo and Deira are from.

Ashkarith – Also known as the City of the Dead, Ashkarith was once the capital of Faelkish under Rith’s leadership.

Auralai – The universe where Alcardia is located.

Banach – Queen Banach or Bane of Ashkarith was one of Sedra’s creations. She married Rith, and through their descendants the Son of Shadows will come.

Banachians – Descendants from Banach’s branch of the original six. Often employed as con artists, lawyers, card sharks, or in any other position requiring a keen mind and the ability to quickly understand others.

Bodashel – A Wyrdhan word for pathway. The word is used interchangeably with svaemal in Banach’s diary.

Brennan Dubhar – One of King Faolrian’s High Imperial Knights. Serves under Alrian Haridan and is later revealed to be her love interest.

Brythweald – One of the continents of Alcardia.

Church of Sedra – The main organized religion of most flat-land countries, with Aleshtain being the major exception.

Chyl – Headmaster Chyl was the Headmaster of the Society of the Learned in Montelishra and Argos during the time when Kaidan and Zerua were Seekers.

Controdene – An individual with some sort of psi or psychic ability.

Crown Prince Alefor – Eldest son of Queen Banach and King Rith of Ashkarith.

Dhiabhan – Also known as Eras Thilain, Dhiabhan is the eldest son of King Rabhor Thilain of Aleshtain. He is also the air captain who helped Kaidan and Zerua reach Ashkarith and return with their findings.

Draweald – Another of the continents of Alcardia.

Dubarin Hill – The hill in Argos where the last Pathway stands. Kaidan and Zerua once discovered Banach’s journal there. Now the place houses Dubarin Manor and its fief.

Eldur – One of the original six, Eldur is worshiped as the god of fire.

Eldurians – Direct descendants from Eldur’s line. Typically work as blacksmiths, horsemen, or soldiers.

Elkis Lionel – Cousin to Leo Ryalin.

Endene – Someone who can use some form of air magic.

Faelkish – The kingdom originally belonged to Rith but is now ruled by various local clan leaders or minor kings. It houses Faeridhia and Aleshtain.

Faeridhia – Also known as Arabhin, Faeridhia is the most famous city in Faelkish.

Hael – Soft-bodied, gelatinous creatures that cling to the hulls of air ships and feed off the oxidization while secreting a light way, durable slime that coats the ship and lowers air restistance.

Inherent – One with a natural energy source to fuel their power.

Ishkalt – Ishtral’s realm. It has several circles and is known for being a cold, desolate place.

Ishtral – The moon god worshiped in Aleshtain and its colonies.

Ishtralianism – The religion of Ishtral. Most places view it as a cult.

Jia – One of the first six created by Sedra. Worshiped as the goddess of earth.

Ji’ans – Direct descendants from Jia’s line. Typically found working as farmers, woodsmen, woodcarvers, hunters, or soldiers.

Kaidan Tadegan – A Searcher who discovered Banach’s diary and was responsible for freeing the ghosts of Ashkarith.

Kateshvale – Small mountain town in Montelishra where Kaidan and Zerua lived.

King Aladhan – King of Argos when Kaidan and Zerua first explore Dubarin Hill.

King Eranar – King of Faeridhia when Kaidan and Zerua explore Ashkarith.

King Faolrian Eralon – King of Argos during Leo and Amadeira’s time.

King Rabhor Thilain – King of Aleshtain and Dhiabhan’s father.

Kythweald – One of Alcardia’s continents.

Leorithdhil Ryalin – An assassin turned vigilante. The main character in Pathway of the Moon, he is responsible for over thirty vigilante kills among the ranks of the nobility.

Mahala – The goddess of marriage and fertility worshiped by the Faelkishians.

Marks – Symbols of matrimony. These are used instead of rings and appear on the collarbones or the necks of couples after the ritual binding them together is complete.

Mericus – One of the original six created by Sedra. Mericus is worshiped as the god of water.

Mericusians – Direct descendants from Mericus’s line. Usually employed as merchants or sea-men.

Montelishra – A kingdom located beside Argos. Montelishra was Kaidan Tadegan’s homeland.

Mysweald – One of the continents of Alcardia.

Nadar – One of the original six. Nadar is worshiped as the god of matter.

Nadarians – Direct descendants from Nadar’s line. Usually employed as con artists, lawyers, businessmen, miners, or in other jobs requiring an ability to manipulate matter or a great deal of strength.

Nytweald – One of the continents of Alcardia.

Pathway/Gate – The Pathways or Gates are the connections between the worlds and even between universes. Some of them are open for travel without restrictions, while others, like the Pathway on Alcardia, are locked for the time being.

Phyden – Someone who can control physical things. Usually comes in the form of shape-shifting, changing one’s physical strength, or changing mass of objects and people. This is the only ability that comes with different Tiers of strength in the power.

Platiniums – A form of currency used in Alcardia. It is one of the higher denominations. Most poor families might make three platiniums for a year’s wages.

Quarfa – A herd animal with lean meat and a somewhat gamey flavor.

Rhubhian – Cousin to King Eranor of Faeridhia. She was taken as a slave during a raid on an outlying village and is now Dhiabhan’s slave.

Rith – Also known as the Dark god or god of shadows. Rith comes from Riladia and is the younger brother of Sedra and Albrith.

Rithden – Those who possess Rith’s ability to wield the shadows.

Rithians – Those who are descended from Rith and Banach’s line. This term isn’t used often as most simply refer to their descendants as Banachians, a term that Sedra preferred after she wiped her brother and most of his line out.

Rith’s Demise – Dhiabhan’s air ship.

Rithweald – A continent of Alcardia.

Searchers – Searchers are Alcardia’s version of archaeologists. They spend their time chasing down the truth behind legends and uncovering historical sites. Some may also be involved in the restoration of historical sites or dig locations.

Sedra – Rith and Albrith’s eldest sister. She created the six original beings that the rest of the Alcardians descended from. Her thirst for power eventually was her downfall, but not before she’d killed both her siblings and wreaked havoc on countless planets in different universes.

Sedra’s Week – Alcardian months are all held standard at 30 days. As a result, this leaves them with an extra five days due to the planet’s rotation. These five days are celebrated as Sedra’s Week for the five days she spent creating the first five of the six. Every four years, they celebrate six days because on the fourth year of being on Alcardia, she created the last of the six original beings.

Serdweald – A continent on Alcardia.

Svaemal – A Wyrdhan word for gateway. Kaidan was trying to figure out what Banach meant in her diary in some areas because she kept switching between using this word and bodashel, which means pathway. The confusion occurred because the context didn’t differentiate between the two words even though there is usually a differentiation between the two in Wyrdhan.

Telfie – A small flying creature with fur that changes colors to fit its mood. They enjoy eating fruit and small flying eels, and they like to chew on leather whenever they can find it.

Teobhor – The mad bard from Faeridhia who told Kaidan and Zerua not to go to Ashkarith.

The Breaking – The Breaking occurred at a point in Alcardia’s earlier history when the continents divided into smaller continents, leaving Alcardia with the land masses it has today.

The Son of Shadows – A descendant of Rith who is foretold to have his spirit and his ability. This descendant is prophesied to be the one to finally bring down what Sedra worked so hard to build and the lies she told.

Un-Inherent – Someone who doesn’t have an inherent power source to fuel their ability. They can still use magic, but they must draw on the life force and power of living things besides themselves.

Valmurith – The surname for Sedra, Rith, and Albrith.

Wyrdhan – The original language spoken by Alcardians. The language has since broken down into other languages, but Argos, Aleshtain, and several other nearby kingdoms still speak some dialect of it.

Yarkiv Krivash – One of King Faolrian’s Imperial Knights. Serves under Alrian Haridan.

Zerua – One of the original six. She is worshiped as the goddess of the air.

Zerua Tadegan – A Seeker and Kaidan Tadegan’s wife.

Zeruains – Direct descendants from Zerua’s line. Usually employed as artisans, jewelers, and weapon craftsmen.

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