This one doesn’t necessarily have to do with a particular series or work I’ve got going on right now, but I was working on a world-building exercise and came up with an idea for this week’s flash fiction, so here we go!


Luna scampered down the halls of the citadel, her tail brushing against the floor. She glanced back to see Loan just a few feet back, still in hot pursuit. The other Cat Changer had been her best friend for as long as she could remember. And now, as they were nearing adolescence, they remained as close as ever. However, something new had taken over in the last months. A new fluttering low in her belly that accosted her whenever he was around. The tingles too. Luna didn’t know what to make of it.

Her mother had explained something about adolescence being the time when mates were taken, but Luna hadn’t really been paying attention, and she’d already decided a long time ago that Loan was it for her. If he didn’t want her, then she’d just die alone. She wouldn’t let anyone else have her.

She picked up the pace and skidded around the corner, her claws clacking on the metal of the hallway. They weren’t supposed to be playing back here, but what harm could it do? She pranced through an open door into the dimly lit room beyond. Loan would never think to look for her in here. Just ahead, a pedestal stood in the center of the room. The musky scent of earth and greenery filled the dim rim, and she breathed it in deeply. Reverting to her human form, she wandered further into the room to take a look at the glimmering green cup on the pedestal.

Upon closer examination, she found that someone had fashioned the cup out of pure emerald with a hammered gold rim ringing the lip of the cup. Inside, the cup held only a large amount of freshly turned dirt mixed with peat moss. No plants grew in it, and it seemed to nice to be a plant’s pot anyway. So what was it?

She reached out and skimmed her fingertips over the cup’s handles. A jolt of electricity ran through her, and she yelped, snatched her fingers back, and stumbled toward the door.

Loan poked his head around the corner then. His eyes widened when he saw her. “Hey, we aren’t supposed to be in there.”

She glanced behind her at the odd cup. “I know… I just thought I’d hide here. The door wasn’t locked.”

“Headmistress Roana will be furious if she catches us in here touching her pot.”

So that’s who it belonged to. She wondered how Loan knew. But then she dismissed the thought. Loan knew all sorts of things he shouldn’t. Stepping out of the room, she reverted to her feline form with a loud yowl. Loan transformed too, and she raced back the way they’d come. But as she ran, she couldn’t get the image of that strange emerald cup out of her mind. Even with the burn in her muscles and the ache in her lungs to distract her, she could still feel the lure of the cup, and she knew that soon she’d be back here to look for any further clues. 


And that’s it for this week, folks! I hope everyone enjoyed. Have a request for a flash fiction Friday? Feel free to comment below!

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