Hi, everyone! I’m just giving a quick update for everyone on an anthology I’m in. I was just given the green light to share about it and to share the graphics. The anthology is fantasy and is based on the premise of using, learning, or teaching magic. It will be releasing on December 13th of this year. As soon as I have the blurb and the buy links, I’ll share those here for everyone. For now, I’ve just got the graphic I was given to share. There’ll be more on the book once I’ve got it. My particular story is high fantasy set in the same world as Bane of Ashkarith. So if you guys enjoyed that, you’ll probably enjoy this new story. If you haven’t read Bane of Ashkarith yet, then my short story, Rith’s Disciple, will be an awesome introduction to the world and will add new layers of depth to the novella.

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